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Check Chicago Boutique Hotels. Book now with Magellan Luxury Hotels at unadvertised low rates, by phone only. Get exclusive hotel perks too. Call us now and we will walk you through the lowest rates and help you choose the perfect hotel for your stay.

Not every top hotel is the same... Magellan Luxury Hotels’ Hotel experience consultants know that out of the 200,000 or so four-star and five-star hotels around the world, only a select number are right for you. Let us find you the right boutique hotel at the right price, because luxury hotel rates can be affordable. Call us now toll-free at 1-866-784-6726.


How are your rates better than online rates?

Hotels need to sell call-in discounts that aren't seen online and we're the only agency willing to provide expert phone service 24/7.

Why do I have to call?

Hotels give us deeper discounts than they will publish online, but they only permit us to sell these discounts over the phone.

Do you charge any fees?

No. None. At all. Ever. You get the full discount and the hotel simply pays us a commission for referring you to them. Win/Win!

What happens if rates drop after I book?

Our system continuously checks your reservation and automatically sends you an updated confirmation with the lower rate.

Get Insider-Only Rates on Chicago Luxury Hotels

Hotels give us rates lower than web rates as long as we don’t publish them online.

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